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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #23

this sister and brother duo just inspires!

day 23 – december 22

caenisha warren and elijah warren


as i’ve gotten to know caenisha and her story over the years, i am so moved by many things – her ability to persevere, her desire to see possibility in others, her tenacity, her willful determination, her compassion, and her embodiment of loving mercy, acting justly and walking humbly – it ALL inspires me! caenisha works at the john perkins center on the campus of seattle pacific university as the budget manager, coordinator for events and student clubs. in addition, her presence and leadership is felt and known throughout the city in her pursuit and commitment to issues of advocacy and justice.

more than all that (and that’s a lot!), I’m particularly moved by her care for her younger brother elijah over the years. there was much courage, sacrifice, and love she poured into his life, believing that god had something great in store for him despite the many difficult circumstances they faced. actually, as i was perusing through their pictures on fb, i came across this one above taken at his high school graduation. elijah’s caption read: “we did it!” and, my eyes welled up… what a testament!

truth be told, every time i see caenisha, i find myself praying for god’s continued and lavish goodness upon this sister – for god’s grace, abundance, and that she might also reap and bear witness to the many seeds she has sown into the lives of others.

i see elijah each week now and my heart is reminded that there’s no gap too wide in life that love cannot redeem! elijah is not only thriving as a college student at seattle pacific university, but he is also one of our youth leaders at quest church. i know…god’s faithfulness is AMAZING! elijah is amazing. my two older boys have had the privilege of getting to know him and absolutely love this brother and his presence as one of their leaders. his fun-loving, vibrant, gracious, gentle spirit, and love for our youth is absolutely beautiful to witness. the two of them just make me wanna give god some praise!


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