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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #22

as i’ve been on this advent journey, i’m finding that it’s really amazing how god brings people into our lives – from all over – at the right time! this family is one of those gifts.

day 22 – december 21

pastor mike and kim thomas


let’s imagine the strengthfinders leadership test for a minute… if there was EVER a person who has the gift of positivity at the top of their results, it has to be this brother right here! the sheer energy, momentum, and a “nothing is impossible” spirit by which mike embodies this life is so contagious and life-giving. but FORREAL!!

kim is no bench warmer either! she’s such an encourager, a gatherer, witty, intelligent, creative, and a joy-filled presence to be around. so much goodness and strength in this marriage, family and partnership! and, we just recently found out that, between the two of them, you don’t wanna play any kind of movie trivia…they will straight CRUSH you! #donteventry

the thomas family recently relocated to seattle from chicago to plant a church called radiant church. i’m so proud of them and the ministry that’s growing and unfolding at radiant already. they have a passionate vision for pastoring a multi-ethnic church, who love and serve the people in the community they find themselves among. may god continue to bless the work of their hands and show favor on them as they faithfully pursue the call to love, serve, lead and live out the gospel of jesus christ. grateful for their friendship in our lives. much love and respect!


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2 thoughts on “advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #22

  1. OhmyGosh….thank you thank you. I’m overwhelmed and so appreciative. I have no words of how this article makes me feel. I can only ask God to continue to allow us to flow in his way so we don’t disappoint. 🙂

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