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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #21

when god was giving out gifts, this sister was at the front of the line…

day 21 – december 20

marshaé sylvester


shae is such a gifted woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. she has managed to successfully plant two different campus ministry chapters in two different states and is now currently serving as an assistant area director for intervarsity campus ministry and the director of black campus ministry at university of washington. i’ve had the privilege of watching shae in action and she’s a dynamic leader – always looking to mentor and cultivate emerging student leaders on campus. a multiplier is what she is!

shae is also an amazing chef. i do believe (and i speak it forth!) that one day she’ll run a successful food truck business “on the side” – making korean bbq, spicy fried chicken biscuit sammies, mac & cheese, korean tacos and other things i love! let it be so!

this sister also plays the congas, is fluent in sign language, and is a rower and runner!!! i feel so inadequate right now…

more than ALL of that though, shae is a dear younger grown sister, my armor bearer, and a true presence of encouragement in my life. love me some shae!


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