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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #20

it hasn’t been that long since i’ve been in seattle, and this sister is someone i’m coming to know in deeper and more profound ways. but, what i do know of her has inspired me already!

day 20 – december 19

michelle lang


this picture tho…i just LOVE this one of michelle! maybe it’s the artistic “in the moment” nature of it? anyway…

i first met michelle at the qcafe here in seattle a few years ago when she was performing a live concert with her band. soon after, i found out that she was serving in ministry at a church in the area as well. then, one thing led to another and i had a chance to speak at a conference she spearheaded for youth/college students and youth leaders. i think it was then, that i began to witness the impact she has had on the urban youth and youth leaders here in seattle. i love and admire her authenticity, her humor, and her love and passion for young people. it’s undeniable! as someone who is called to develop emerging leaders, i am inspired by her ministry.

she ended up moving to portland about 1.5 years ago. michelle is now the associate director of campus ministry at warner pacific college, and is KILLIN’ it! i was blessed to be able to speak at chapel there and spend some time with her recently. extremely moved by the work and ministry she’s doing on that campus – exposing, teaching, and helping to transform the culture of the student body as they engage and wrestle with the growing and diverse realities of the world they live in!

L-O-V-E IT! dynamic, relevant, creative and catalytic is what she is. MAD props to this sister and much love!


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