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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #19

there are some people you meet in life who truly live out their convictions, no matter how much discomfort and sacrifice it takes to pursue it. such is the case for this brother right here.

day 19 – december 18

tony nabors


i met tony soon after i moved to seattle. having come from communities with greater black presence, i noticed right away that there weren’t as many black folks at our church 6 years ago…and, needless to say, tony caught my eye since he was the only black presence on the musical worship team at the time. as i’ve gotten to know him over the years, i’m continually moved by his conviction, calling, and passion to be a bridge builder in the area of racial reconciliation, within the multi-ethnic context specifically. amidst many years of being one of very few black congregants, he was convinced that his presence and leadership here at our church was necessary and would become a catalyst and entryway for others to find home as well. SO much respect for this brother! tony is the person who constantly challenges my notion of comfort in this way.

i had the privilege of journeying with him and his family through deep trials and great joys over the past several years. he’s a loving husband to his wife angela, a dedicated father to his two young boys, a thoughtful son to his parents, and a caring older brother to his siblings – all of whom i’ve had the honor to meet over the years. god has truly been faithful to this family.

tony serves as one of our deacons at quest church and is the senior admissions counselor for multicultural outreach at seattle pacific university. i’m grateful for the witness of his life within our community and his intentional words and presence of encouragement in my life.


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