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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #17

we know individuals can be a triple threat, but can an entire family? this family’s ridiculous!

day 17 – december 16

dr. j. kameron and felicia carter


have you ever sat in a room full of people and felt utterly incompetent? but also felt deeply loved and like family ALL at the same time? well, such was the case when a bunch of black faculty, students and their families from duke divinity would gather together around christmas time each year. my husband, jay, willie (day #7), and others would be in the midst of their deep theological conversations and my head would spin to keep up! i realized at a certain point, you just can’t keep faking like you know what they’re talking about! that’s when i looked over at felicia and she said to me, “i don’t even try anymore.” we shared a good laugh together and i knew i was in good hands!

this family is dynamic and incredibly gifted. “dr. jay” as my kids refer to him, is so brilliant that i only got through the first 32 pages of his groundbreaking book, race: a theological account. ha! seriously though… too much brilliance! another groundbreaking moment was when i got an A- in his class, y’all!!!!! between jay as the teacher and my husband as the preceptor, i was sure that class was gonna break a sister’s GPA down! but GOD!!!

i admire felicia immensely. she embodies her career as an occupational therapist and a mother of two beautifully gifted daughters, with great strength, grace and intentionality. while jay tends to be more well known in various circles, we all know that behind every great man, there’s an equal or even greater woman! amen, somebody!

we were indeed sad to leave durham for many reasons but this family was a big one. we love and are so grateful for the carters and their friendship over the years.


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2 thoughts on “advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #17

  1. Ellen Chadwick on said:

    This family are good friends of mine and I am so glad to see how God continues to lavish His favor all over them and how they are healthy representation of a strong black family.

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