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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #15

over the course of my life, i’ve come across many people who are incredibly gifted. but, it’s when those gifts bend toward cultivating and developing others, that their life truly becomes inspiring to me. here’s a brother who continues to do just that – he inspires me.

day 15 – december 14

kevin singleton


kevin was one of my biggest cheerleaders when i served as a worship leader back in north carolina. he saw gifts in me when others couldn’t, and was a voice and presence of incredible encouragement throughout my time there. kevin always saw the possibilities in situations and in people. i admire that so much. i’ll never forget when we were hanging out at pf chang’s (this brother loved him some pf chang’s!) and he asked about my life story…i knew then, that he was invested in who i was and not just in the talent that i possessed. it’s those little things, right?

kevin is multi-talented. period. after playing ball overseas early on, he’s led worship for many years all over the country/world with folks like israel houghton and others, and currently helps lead worship at hillsongNY. he still holds the title of being the composer of one of my all-time favorite worship songs, glorify your name. kevin is also the ceo and founder of an organization called elevate new york – cultivating and investing in urban youth leadership development in new york city. he and his wife kelly are a dynamic couple and embody their call in beautiful and sacrificial ways. i’m so grateful to have shared in his wisdom and to still be living into some of his words spoken into my life. much love and respect!


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