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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #14

this family – i was hoping would become real family, but i’m learning that we can’t determine the choices of our children! ha

day 14 – december 13

rev. ken and kara johnson


our 1st born’s were only two years old at the time, but they seemed to bff their two year old selves so well that i was SURE they would be married one day! oh, do i have STORIES, but i’ll spare the children and not embarrass them on the inter-webs! how cute would that’ve been tho? two lil mixed kids loving each other…. *sigh*

ok. we met ken and kara over 15 years ago in durham, nc while in grad school. life is tough when you’re in grad school with little kids! tough!!! we had just moved to the area and immediately connected with them. they were such a kind and loving family. we would hang out often and share meals, babysitting, and just general life together.

i’m so proud of them and miss their friendship dearly. they have three beautiful children and ken now serves as a military chaplain. god truly did bring them into our lives for several years as a gift and family to us. much love!


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