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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #12

you know those people who sharpen you and love you, but also help you recognize how much more you need to learn? well, yeah…this one.

day 12 – december 11

dr. esther acolatse

Esther Acolatse

this woman has helped shape me in my formation as a pastor. i think i took every class she taught in seminary. i also loved just hanging out with her at her house and hearing stories about her “holy village” back in Ghana, and learning the little things of life – like boiling vinegar and cinnamon together while you’re frying, eliminates the oil smell in your house! seriously tho…

in many ways, she engages with me like a mother. i find myself drawn to her sturdy, don’t mess, strong-centeredness. strangely enough, she is also one of the few people i would want at my bedside when i’m dying. her death and dying class about took me OUT! to this day, when i encounter difficult life and death pastoral situations, i try to recall her voice and ask myself, “what would dr. e do/say?” and, one time, i actually had to call her. she’s a wise, wise, wise woman.

something that always strikes me about dr. e is that she rarely ever gives a straight answer. when i ask a deep question, she’ll most often respond back with a question and make me think some more! what’s up with that??? it’s intriguing though…i’ve actually tried that tactic on people but it’s never worked for me! hahaha! MAD respect for this woman, and grateful for her wisdom, love, mentorship and presence in my life.


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