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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #11

this woman is such a creative and life-giving presence in our lives.

day 11 – december 10

enuma okoro


every time we greeted her, we would say “hey enuma!” until one day when my 1st born was 3 years old, he looked at her as she walked through our front door and said, “heynuma’s here!” so, to this day, whenever i’m referring to her with my kids, i call her heynuma. it’s cute. it’s the magic of nicknames – they often recall those special moments of familiarity.

i first met enuma through my husband. they are great friends from grad school. she very quickly became a family favorite and such a warm and joyful presence. enuma is nigerian american and an amazing writer and story teller. she is an author and has contributed to many books which you can find here. more than anything, i cherish her friendship with us, her contagious laughter and her general joy for life! this picture is one of my favorites of enuma because it really does speak to her colorful and vibrant presence. love her and so proud of this sister.


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