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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #10

mixed race identity is complex and beautiful on so many levels. i appreciate this family for the many years of belonging and friendship.

day 10 – december 9

leashia pope


we met leashia and her family when our kids were very young. if i’m honest, i was initially drawn to them because they were a black and korean interracial family, but our relationship and friendship grew over the years and our children became very close as well.

something we still do to this day that we learned from leashia: when you make homemade chocolate cake, you’ve gotta add applesauce to the mixture…i know. SO. GOOD! i will also never forget the time when she offered to watch our boys when they were very little (for 3 loooooong days), in order that brian and i could go away to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. that’s love!

we realized that moving to seattle 6 years ago meant we were leaving a community and so many wonderful friendships behind. as i think about leashia and her kids during that season of our lives, they really were like family. when your own family is either scarce in number or distant, god is always faithful to bring people into our lives to help share in both the burdens and the joys of life. grateful for leashia and the kids.


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