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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #9

this next couple just inspires me to no end! no. end.

day 9 – december 8

dr. eugene and paula flood


i mean…don’t y’all wanna look like this when you grow up? if i could let myself go all gray and look this fine like paula, you KNOW jesus ’bout to make his second coming! ok. anyway, there’s so much goodness and inspiration i’ve learned and received from the floods.

i first met them about 15 years ago in durham, nc. you know those people who are multi-gifted and super humble all at the same time? well, that’s them. eugene is a ceo of a major finance company but we met through church and music. he’s a mean b3 hammond organ player! he was such an encouraging presence and advocate for me throughout his time serving on the team. i remember when he used to make me cd’s of gospel artists he enjoyed. i always looked forward to those! as busy as he was, he was very intentional to check in with me and how my family was doing, often dropping nuggets of wisdom left and right. the most profound things i’ve learned about and from eugene were, a) he is a man of great determination and gifting. i admire the ways he always honored his parents and shared stories about how hard his father worked to provide for his family. and, b) he shared this piece of wisdom with me that i’ve never forgotten (and, often tell others now) – “it’s a gift to be good at a lot of things…but, if you wanna be great at something, you have to pick one thing and work hard at it.” well…

paula influences me even now – years later, and she probably doesn’t ‘even know it! now that i have teenage sons, i SO appreciate her realness. their children (who are grown adults now) are so precious and beautiful. but, we all know that doesn’t just happen overnight. this woman was nobody’s punk when it came to “training up” a child! ha! she kept them in line!!! i admire that tremendously. she sacrificed a wonderful and dynamic career to love and care for her family. i had a chance to spend good time with her daughter christina throughout her high school years. i’m so proud of her. as well, i used to joke with paula that i hope i am as powerfully wise, beautiful and grace-filled as she is when i grow up! truly.

love this family and miss their presence.


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