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advent, black lives, and 25 days of changing the narrative – day #6

i’m so proud to call this woman a sister!

day 6 – december 5

amey victoria adkins


amey is like the triple/quadruple threat, if you know what i mean! she came into our lives when we lived in durham, nc. amey started attending the church i was at and also ended up visiting one of my husband’s grad classes that he was a preceptor for at the time. she eventually made the connection that he and i were married and realized that it was more than a coincidence that she entered our lives in this way. amey soon joined the worship ministry as one of my main singers and, we also ended up going to seminary together.

the thing about amey: i’ve never met anyone so well traveled, so brilliant, so talented, so compassionate in the area of advocacy and justice, and so beautiful – both inside and out. but seriously. i’ve learned true compassion from her. she’s served and lived her life for the advocacy of those in the margins – from her time at l’arche, to the red light districts in thailand, to the homeless in durham. her life is truly inspiring.

amey lived with us for a year and my kids fell in love with her! ms. amey or “mimi” was what they called her. she’s currently finishing her PhD from duke and is not only a brilliant mind, but a brilliant life! much love.


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