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be still and know

in the wake of what seems to be at this point an utter devastation of an already impoverished nation, i find myself restless and always checking fb and the various news feeds that are streaming in. though i know that the little i have donated to relief efforts makes a difference, i feel helpless.

i find myself praying constantly yet know that so many have already died and will continue to die. i pray for those who are worried about loved ones that were visiting or temporarily located in haiti, that they would soon hear a word of hope at the other end of the line yet know that so many natives of the land have lost generations of their entire family. it is a restlessness that is rooted in the realities of this world – pain, suffering and death that we all endure as human beings. it is also a restlessness in the realization of knowing that though i am not haitian nor do i have close relationships to anyone that has been impacted, i feel the common bond of what it means to be human – to hope in something, the need to love and be loved, to be overcome with compassion for those who suffer, and to help those who are in need. but i realize that this restlessness must be tempered with a stillness of faith in a god that sees and hears the cries of the people. it is a restlessness that cries out in desperation on behalf of those who are suffering and a stillness in knowing that god is present in their midst.

we are called to be witnesses of this god to those who are in need, called to be the feet, the hands, the words of hope. to those who are tirelessly giving of their lives for others in haiti and elsewhere, may you have strength in your well-doing and may god continue to sustain and undergird you and make fruitful the works of your labor. grateful.

if you are looking for a place to donate financially with the relief efforts, OneDay’sWages is supporting an already ongoing org called world concern who have offices and personnel already in haiti. 100% of all donations will go toward these efforts.

more than anything, please continually be in prayer. do not lose heart but let your restlessness stir an even greater desire to desperately seek after god on behalf of others.


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